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Item Name: KJV The Scofield III Study Bible #524RRL Genuine Black Indexed

Item #: ST9780195278583

 Publisher:  Oxford

   Suggested Retail Price: $59.95  
   Our Discounted Price: $49.95

   The King James Scofield Study Bible III combines the notes of the classic 1917 edition with additional information designed to enrich the study of God’s Word. This Bible has a genuine leather cover and thumb-indexing.


An exclusive, subject-based topical chain reference system that enables  readers to follow major themes throughout the entirety of Scripture.

Enhanced book introductions with new subheadings clarify the structure of book introductions and contain detailed outlines.

Expanded explanations bring out each book’s main points
Study note biblical references are now in the familiar ’’chapter-and-verse’’ format
Bottom-of-the-page notes broaden the context of the reader’s understanding.
Over 550 in-text definitions of proper nouns locate place name references and explain the meaning of personal names in their original languages.
Striking new page design and crisp typeface make reading easy on the eyes.
Detailed outlines provide guidance for studying the text
Additional cross-references enhanced insights into the text
Nearly 70 in-text black and white maps and charts help orient the reader to geographical references in the biblical text.
Nearly 250 notes crucial to understanding the Scofield ( including all notes on Dispensations, Covenants and Summary notes ) are now featured as in-text articles, making them easier to locate and read.
Sectional headings have been added for ease in following God’s guiding hand in human history.
New indexes to Proper Nouns, Chain References, and Subjects.
16 pages of accurate, full color Oxford Bible maps that illustrate the biblical world
New biographical entries highlight each book’s main characters
Actual text citations make explanatory references clearer
Added genealogies clarify complex character relationships

Everything about this edition has been designed to encourage serious Bible study. First-time students and seasoned believers alike will find this volume to be a trustworthy guide to the panorama of God’s plan of salvation.

Product Details:
2016 pages
9 pt. type
6-1/4 x 9
Words of Christ in red lettering